Defiance Machine is excited to announce a groundbreaking innovation that is set to redefine industry standards. Introducing the New Ti X action, meticulously crafted from aircraft-grade titanium. This remarkable development marks a significant milestone in the world of precision firearms.

The Ti X action is available in both Short Action and Long Action lengths, with the former weighing an astonishing 16.8 ounces and the latter a mere 18.1 ounces. These weights make the Ti X the lightest actions with an integral lug and scope rail available on the market today. For those who adhere to the principle that “ounces equal pounds,” the Ti X action offers an unparalleled advantage.

What sets the Ti X apart is not just its lightweight construction but the premium processes employed in its creation. Each Defiance action is built with precision, utilizing wire EDM machines to ensure the smoothest possible operation. The CNC machines used by Defiance are among the most precise globally, providing consistent, guaranteed headspace on all models produced.

To further enhance performance, the entire Ti X action is coated in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), a state-of-the-art lubricant coating that significantly enhances the smoothness of titanium actions. The result is the lightest action on the market, built with the highest precision and coated with the slickest lubricant available.

Defiance Machine’s New Ti X action is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Hunters and precision shooters alike can now experience unparalleled performance with the lightest, most precisely crafted action ever made.

For more information on the Ti X action and to explore Defiance Machine’s full range of products, visit their website.