Don’t Stay in SHELTERS on the Appalachian Trail

There are nearly 260 shelters on the Appalachian Trail. A simple building that protects it’s inhabitants from the elements. In this video, I give my reasons why I won’t be staying in shelters anymore.


The Appalachian Trail – A Journey of the Soul

In 2019 I made a major change in my life. I Quit my job, and left to hike the 2192 mile Appalachian Trail which stretches from Georgia to Maine. Join me through the cold, the wet, the views, nice days and the bad as I make my way to Mount Katahadin. This is a documentary of my journey.


Appalachian Trail Lightweight Gear List: After 580 Miles

**Update: Thanks to some smart comments, I wouldn’t recommend keeping a used bandana in my food pot. Something I’ll change moving forward. Gear I took on my thru-hike attempt of the Appalachian trail, what I thought, and recommended changes. With some video from my time on trial.